Chungus Besadii Grebuire

A loathsome hutt crime lord


Chungus Besadii Grebuire, better-known as Chungus the Hutt, is a crime lord of the Besadii kajidic. His main operations consist of slavery and spice trading, though he actually sells legal spices to the Empire and owns majority shares in many legal slaving corporations. Chungus is one of the most powerful of the Besadii, with many other hutts answering to him.

Chungus has violet skin and bright orange eyes. His rolls of fat are so deep that he often uses them as pockets (making his slaves retrieve items placed within, of course). His body produces nearly three times the amount of slime as would be expected for a hutt his size, making it easier for him to crawl around but also making it hard for him to grip things. He elects instead to have slaves do everything for him, including feeding him and cleaning his oily skin.

Chungus’s favorite meal is a large amount of live Klundyr slugs. His slaves usually pick up handfuls of slugs at a time and put them into Chungus’s mouth. Some tried pouring them from bowls, but this often resulted in the slave accidentally dropping the bowl into his mouth. While not immediately dangerous to the hutt’s health, such accidents greatly annoyed Chungus; the slave would be forced to retrieve the container from the hutt’s gullet with his or her bare hands in such an event. After five separate incidents, Chungus forbid his slaves from using any utensils to feed him.

Chungus usually rides around on a hoversled when he wants to move somewhere, as he considers normal crawling to be impractical and degrading. He does, however, move around under his own power sometimes in his throne room. His favorite method of executing victims is to have all of their limbs broken, then slowly move over them and crush them under his enormous mass. When he is feeling slightly more merciful, he will leap onto the victim and kill him or her instantly.

Chungus Besadii Grebuire

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