Thane Cyrus

A force-sensitive smuggler from Jedha.


Thane was effectively orphaned at the age of ten when Imperial forces captured his parents for reasons unknown. Thane spent the rest of his youth in an orphanage run by the Disciples of the Whills. There he learned of the Force and the teachings of the Whills.

Thane joined Saw Gerrera’s rebels and served with them for several years. He was not a combatant, however; he was in charge of smuggling supplies and munitions to the group from off-world. This prevented him from seeing first-hand the violence the group committed against civilians, though he was always somewhat aware of what Saw’s fighters were doing.

Thane was present during the Death Star’s first firing; he managed to escape the moon with the creature known as Bor Gullet but he was not able to save any of the other rebels. Over the course of a year Thane lost Bor Gullet, gained an increasing hatred for his battered old Jumpmaster ship, and began a new life as a smuggler.

Thane Cyrus

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